Republican Presidential Candidate Debate: The Eight Takeaways

Republican Presidential Candidate Debate: The Eight Takeaways

GOP presidential candidate debate Wednesday was only the first of a series of waterfalls Meet-up. But it may prove to be most revealing.
Republican Presidential Candidate Debate: The Eight Takeaways

Viewers who tuned in 105 minutes face to face at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library has acquired a taste for style, Rick Perry, at their meeting in the first phase with the rest of the Republican field in 2012, attended the first debate, Mitt Romney without strong lead in the polls and the beginning of the end for many applications.

This guide political takeaways:

Rick Perry is now the clear favorite

Governor of Texas has received most of the questions to questions by Brian Williams, and John Harris, but he also absorbed the blows most of its competitors. When all the energy is concentrated in one direction, it is stressed that dominates the field - and last night was Perry, who was at the center of attention.

Perry admitted himself to focus on him, saying at one point: "I feel a bit 'as a pinata."

Got no result without problems. The response to climate change, where Perry has invoked Galileo remains a head scratcher and swayed unnecessarily harsh with some of the best goals that were left alone (other than to show that the coup was met with a response, the logic aggressively pushing the Texas Representative Ron Paul was not immediately clear). But he did not handle everything perfectly, it was a great achievement: no flop.

Rick Perry will not apologize for Rick Perry

For all the talk of softening some of its edges blunt as it transitions to the national scene, Perry has made no attempt to adjust its language on a variety of subjects - most remarkable of his "Ponzi scheme, lying monstrous "rhetoric on Social Security.

To the question "bored", he says, the rights of the manifesto was published late last year, Perry looked initially as if to get away for a while '. But then he doubled, stating that the program is actually basically a fraud.

He expressed no regrets that the number of people executed in Texas on his watch - 234 - and said he believes that Americans understand when it came to his shoot-from-the-hop style of oratory, he has is no excuse "justice." "Maybe it's time to have an offensive language in this country," said Perry.

All indications are that if there will be elements of his political personality that can cause problems for him on the track, he obviously made the calculation that its authenticity is one of its outlets more - especially against Mitt Romney.


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