Reese Witherspoon Fine After The Car Crash Jogger

Reese Witherspoon Fine After The Car Crash Jogger

I've never been beaten by a car while jogging, in part because I have the reflexes of a cat and partly because trying desperately to avoid exercise. Unfortunately, Reese Witherspoon can not claim, nor my first step, not a ray of my laziness. The Academy Award went to actress running today after being hit by a passing vehicle. As a precaution was taken to a local hospital, but no serious injuries, was released shortly thereafter.
Reese Witherspoon Fine After The Car Crash Jogger

New car accident a person to spread rapidly through the Internet, Witherspoon's publicist issued a statement was that the actress was fine. According to Reuters, the incident took place in Santa Monica, but other than that, details are still unclear.

I want to go back and fill in the details of using common sense. Seeing how he got no injuries, it is likely Witherspoon was in the street when a motorist waiting for a stop sign without looking either left or decided not to take a shower and to prove points. In both cases, has made contact with the vehicle going less than five mph, beating the country Reese. He got up, decided not to be a hero and went to the hospital to control its organs are secretly bleeding.

If you want a message to be learned from this story is not worth trying to stay in shape. A beautiful image that might work papers and a good husband, but this will not prevent non-fatal injuries.


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