Kristin Chenoweth: Being Gay Is Not A Sin. Time

Kristin Chenoweth: Being Gay Is Not A Sin. Time Kristin Chenoweth: Being Gay Is Not A Sin. Time

Kristin Chenoweth, talented actress, singer and self-identified Christian, said that homosexuality is a sin and she thinks being gay is the same as it was short - it's just how people are born .

These comments were made as part of an interview with the brilliant gay lawyer in which Chenoweth, perhaps best known for her role as Glinda in the Tony Award-winning musical adaptation of Wicked, talks about his participation in the upcoming ABC drama of good beautiful Christian and the release of their fourth studio album some lessons.

In the interview, Chenoweth said that just because she is Christian, it does not mean that they blindly follow what others say religion asks, and that instead it built on the old adage " What would Jesus do? "Confirms it does not 't think Jesus would go around saying," You're going to hell "and" You're wrong, you're wrong, you're wrong ", but should accept and love people .

Chenoweth, straight woman, is also developing a faith in people born gay, saying:? "What would I do if it were a sin to be a short way God made me, so what could I do Let's see if I could wear heels, I tease my hair, and maybe a good day that could be 5'1". But the bottom line is, I'm 4'11 "and the way in which I put together. And I think he's gay."

When asked how it feels to be criticized for this belief with other Christians, said Chenoweth aspects, which are entitled to their opinions, but the demand for respect for their right to speak as well.

Asked if he thinks that Christians are "a bad rap," says Chenoweth, yes, but suggests some groups call themselves Christian can actually Bring It for yourself. He adds:

"... But I also think that there are many Christians who think like me My family is very like me, but I grew up in the Bible Belt -.. And you know what comes with it My grandmother said Chenoweth. anything when I grew my friend [gay] best -..? I talked to him several times, his name is Denny I asked my grandmother Chenoweth, "How can he go to hell, I do not think [it is] correct. "And she said," Well, Kris, I read the Bible, as I eat fish. I take the meat and it serves me well, but I can not choke on the bone "

And I think she was on to something. “I take the meat that serves me well, but I don’t choke on the bone.” I read my Bible and I pray and all of that — I really do. But at the same time, I don’t think being gay is a sin. Period.


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