NFL Week one Fantasy Matchups: Tennessee Titans vs. Jacksonville Jaguars

NFL Week one Fantasy Matchups: Tennessee Titans vs. Jacksonville Jaguars

Tennessee Titans vs. Jacksonville Jaguars

Tennessee Titans-

All of you fantasy homeowners out there that took an opportunity at taking Chris Johnson along with your initial decide before he signed his deal should be terribly happy currently that Johnson is signed and is prepared to play. however Johnson isn’t the sole player on the Titans that has fantasy worth. Matt Hasselbeck and Kenny Britt are 2 players that have fantasy potential particularly in the week. Chris Johnson will such a lot for the Titans offense that it unveil the sector for players like Hasselbeck and Britt. although Johnson hasn’t played in any preseason games i think that his pure speed goes to propel him to a successful fantasy performance against Jacksonville. Chris Johnson goes over a hundred yards dashing in the week with a minimum of one touchdown and he’s a little doubt starter each week. Matt Hasselbeck isn't any slouch at the quarterback position and if you’re longing for a quarterback to begin in the week due to injuries otherwise you simply don’t have a decent quarterback, Hasselbeck goes to be a decent begin. Hasselbek could be a veteran and he is aware of what he’s doing when he’s on the sector therefore don’t expect any mistakes from him against the Jags. When Hasselbeck is throwing the ball you'll be able to bet that he’ll be trying towards Kenny Britt. Britt could be a very massive receiver and a downfield threat. Britt’s ability to travel up and catch balls goes to be an enormous advantage in the week against the Jags cornerbacks. therefore if you've got Chris Johnson it’s a no brainer that you simply ought to begin him. If you’re having quarterback problems in the week and Matt Hasselbeck is on waivers, go grab him and go plug him into your beginning lineup. Kenny Britt contains a nice matchup in the week and will fill your flex spot or your variety 2 receiver spot in the week.

Jacksonville Jaguars-

The Jaguars are reaching to have a disaster game in the week and their fantasy players are reaching to suffer massive time. The Jags went and released their beginning quarterback David Garrard and are currently beginning Luke McCown at quarterback. McCown could be a non-factor for fantasy soccer in the week. McCown won't be a fantasy soccer issue in the slightest degree this season. the issues don’t stop there for the Jags. Mike Thomas and Mercedes Lewis are reaching to take a success fantasy wise. while not a solid quarterback Thomas and Lewis aren't reaching to get an equivalent quantity of appearance that they'd have gotten if David Garrard was there. Mike Thomas could be a definite bench player in the week. Lewis on the opposite hand could be a player that you simply will begin in the week. Lewis isn't reaching to have an enormous game however McCown goes to be trying his means as a result of terrible quarterbacks like to throw to their tight ends. The player that's reaching to take the most important hit fantasy wise is Maurice Jones-Drew. currently that the Titans grasp that McCown is beginning their reaching to load up the box with eight guys and check out to abate Maurice Jones-Drew. Jones-Drew hasn’t had success when groups have place eight players within the box within the past. Jones-Drew could be a nice running back however from now forward his fantasy stock isn't as high due to the quarterback scenario in Jacksonville. that the solely player that ought to be in your fantasy lineup in the week from the Jacksonville Jaguars is Mercedes Lewis and if you’re feeling risky begin Maurice Jones-Drew.


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