David Garrard Makes Sense Chiefs

David Garrard Makes Sense Chiefs - You need to Kansas City in the list of teams that may consider signing quarterback David Garrard. He was cut by Jacksonville on Tuesday.

David Garrard Makes Sense Chiefs The Chiefs have the worst quarterback situations in the west of CFA. It would be perfectly logical for the team to consider adding a veteran who has started 76 games in the NFL.

We can say that even at this late date, would be better leaders sign Garrard now and to quickly learn their system this week, just in case starting Matt Cassel can not play, rather than relying on the backup Tyler PALKO. Cassel has suffered a rib injury last Thursday in Green Bay. Cassel practiced Monday and said he plans to play Sunday. But the fact that it is a rib injury means that nursing could suffer a setback during the game.

If this happens, the current plan is for PALKO to play. The 28-year-old threw just six going into the regular season. PALKO is decent at times in the preseason. But the general consensus is that if a better option backup occurs, managers seek to add a veteran between Cassel and rookie Ricky Stanza.

Garrard is a solid option. But the competition is likely that Garrard. If the leaders want Garrard who may have to move quickly.


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