X Factor Johnny Robinson Spoke Of The New Susan Boyle

X Factor’s Johnny Robinson dubbed the new Susan BoyleX Factor is the singer Johnny Robinson aims to be the "new, Susan Boyle," after the departure of the audience and the judges are gob-smacked his great experience this weekend.

The 45 years of Harrow in London has appeared on stage at the show Saturday audition wearing a tracksuit and a cap unimpressive.

But despite its ancient appearance, when Johnny sang the first notes of Etta James "At Last, he had the audience eating out the palm of his hand - a scene reminiscent of Susan Boyle first hearing on the Got Talent Britain in 2009.

Contostavlos Tulisa new judge said the singer had "shock factor", while Gary said he gave a "hearing amazing" and now Johnny is nicknamed "the new Su-Bo", or give your own name, Jo-Ro.

Speaking backstage after the adoption of the four judges, so excited about playing Johnny said: "I was nervous, sure, but when I got there I thought:" I do not hold it together, because I will never have the opportunity to ", so I thought" I need to do better than this. "And I was really surprised by the result of public reaction."

He added: "to perform this step - Kylie Minogue was there, I think that Beyonce was not I lucky to have got to where I was, and was a fantastic experience I've waited a long time on it and it is well worth the wait ... "

Johnny's unique voice and personality of gay a winning combination, and the competitor is now inclined to go far in The X Factor.

Explains why he waited so long to enter, the singer revealed: "I decided to do so this year because I thought" I'm not getting any younger, I try to do something and push me and do it so I went for it.

"Of course, last year, now, I wanted to audition, but I never had the courage and confidence to do it and I thought:" I have to do it now. "


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