Security Management Event Log And IT Management In A Single Solution

Whether it is necessary to notify the team network, alerting a security analyst, or trigger a clean, Sign Tripwire provides security information and event management (SIEM) computing capabilities need to identify threats and automate responses so that they can stop threats before they stop services.

Strong correlation

Tripwire Access Center makes it easy to apply the intelligence logs collected with an out-of-the-box correlation rules. These rules can be quickly modified - or new rules created - Easy to use correlation rules editor.

However, Tripwire Log Center goes beyond the simple correlation provides logging and intelligence through forests and change events through its integration with the company through Tripwire Tripwire Platform ™.

Announcements and alerts

After a series of events has hit a limit or violate an IT strategy, tripwire Registration Center provides alarms and automatic notifications. Centre Registration Tripwire ensures the right people aware of problems before they become problems.

Reclamation fast

It 'important to jump on suspicious activities before they escalate into a serious security risk. SIEM capabilities tripwire Access Center allows you to move to discover a solution quickly.

Continuous compliance

When the automatic security solution for managing events, politics seemed suspicious activity immediately lifted. Faster detection and response to vulnerabilities and ensure continuous compliance with the conditions of strong security.


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