How I Can Sell My Domain Name Yahoo

Yahoo is one of the domain name registration and web hosting services on the Internet's most popular, partly because it offers a discount on the registration of the domain name and web hosting packages package. Also offers free tools for creating Web pages and is compatible with most web building software. But if you decide you do not want your Yahoo domain name, you can sell and transfer to another user.

1. Decide which site you want to sell your domain name Yahoo, like eBay or sell domain and register for an account.

2. Set a price for your domain. To ensure at least break even on sale, remember to account for the charges they have paid for the domain and the fees charged by the website that used to sell.

3. When selling the domain name and get confirmation of payment from the buyer, the transfer of the domain name to follow the instructions in the domain transfer Yahoo e will send after the buyer requests a domain transfer.


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