Donald Driver Welcomes The Girl, I Like The Team Record

Donald Driver Welcomes The Girl, I Like The Team Record

This could be a fantastic 24 hours for Donald Driver.
Wednesday night, a driver and his wife, Betina welcomed the girl in the world. Her name is Charity.

Thursday could run and set a new club record. He needs only 42 yards to become the Packers all-time leading receiver, passing James Lofton.

He said this week that he was concerned Betina would be too excited to play and go to work Thursday night, at least not have to worry about it.

This would be the third large reception master franchise record. He already holds records for most catches and most consecutive games with a catch.

It would be great to break the record on a touchdown pass, but driving trying not to focus on the case.

"I did not even really thought about it. You get to a point where it is too much pressure, if you start to think about it. I'll play the game," he said. "When I get it, I think someone will tell me. I'm just focused on going out and doing game counts when I can. "

The driver does not expect to record a game-stopper, either. "They did not when I broke the record for receptions, so I do not think they will stop it. It's just a game. You wave when playing can be, and you are able to walk away knowing you have done. "


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