Laser Hair Removal Washington DC

Laser Hair Removal Washington DC
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The Pain-Free, Hair-Free permanent laser hair removal procedure from Alma Lasers' SopranoXL system is the first treatment in laser hair removal’s 12-year history that does not require analgesics. The secret is a major technological advancement that makes treatment virtually pain-free.

The pursuit of perfection is now quicker, permanent and more comfortable for people of all skin types, including those with tanned skin.

To painlessly, quickly and permanently remove hair while simultaneously rejuvenating skin


Quick, pain-free silky-smooth perfection in as few as two treatments


Skincare experts gently massage patients with a sweeping, paintbrush technique thanks to the SopranoXL's Super Hair Removal (SHR) mode. It's proprietary IN-Motion™ technology reduces procedure time, significantly reduces pain and even eliminates skipped spots as compared to traditional technologies


The SopranoXL's SHR mode has changed the world of hair removal. Becoming painlessly hairless is now completely comfortable because the technology employs a more gradual heat delivery system to significantly reduce discomfort during a given procedure.
The SHR mode delivers higher than average energy with a rapid pulse repetition frequency. This process gently heats the skin to a temperature that selectively damages only the hair follicle to prevent re-growth, without the need for analgesics or other pre-treatments

Clinical Support:

Cleared by the FDA for hair removal in 2005
Dr. Madeline Krauss of Massachusetts is compiling a clinical highlights paper showing significant, long-term data for the SopranoXL


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