Sons of Anarchy Returns for Season 4 : SAMCRO vs. SAMTAZ

For those who were tiring of the "jump the shark" possible Irish storyline diversion, season 4 looks to return to the roots of the popular biker outlaw show Sons of Anarchy on the FX network.

For those who cannot wait until the new season premieres on Tuesday, September 6, 2011, it is possible to watch the First Four Minutes of 'Sons of Anarchy' Season Four. For those who love the fictional town of Charming, there is a lot of buzz surrounding the new season.
Sons of Anarchy Returns for Season 4 : SAMCRO vs. SAMTAZ
Danny Trejo is set to have a part in the season opener, which has a lot of fans of the show "revved up" for the new season of SOA. As mentioned, many bloggers and fans of the show were tiring of the Irish sub-plot and wanted the show to get back to what made the first two seasons so well liked.

The producers of the show have listened and it looks like season four of SOA is back on track with what fans of the show want.

Cinemaland wrapped up SOA season 3 quite nicely, writing, "When Season 3 left off, much of the Sons of Anarchy Motor Club, Redwood Original crew were hauled off to prison. Season 4 picks up fourteen months later, and begins with the release of Jax (Charlie Hunnam), Clay (Ron Perlman) and the rest of the incarcerated bikers. We see that Tara (Maggie Siff) has been raising Jax’ son Abel, along with their baby son, with the help of Jax’s mother Gemma (Katey Sagal) and the rest of the club. Life has gone on on the outside, but everyone is excited to have the club back together"

Season four is set to have some high-charged situations. There is a new sheriff and a new mayor in town, which will undoubtedly shake things up in the show's storyline.

Additionally, Danny Trejo will join the cast as Romero "Romeo" Parada, a former Mexican military commando. This news has some people in the blogosphere excited. wrote, "According to series creator Kurt Sutter, Sons of Anarchy season 4 will fast forward to 14 months since the show last left off. Though it's uncertain whether the premiere will immediately find the boys out of jail, fans should expect a handful of challenges right off the bat. First of all, SAMTAZ, also known as the Sons of Anarchy Tucson charter, will enter the picture and thus provide some tension between the clubs. If that's not enough, the club will also have to deal with Clay, who will be struggling with his severe hand arthritis."

Leave a comment below if you have thoughts about season three of SOA or the upcoming season four.
SOA Revs Up for Panel at 2011 NAB Show

Kurt Sutter, creator, writer and executive producer of FX's number one show, "Sons Of Anarchy," and members of his production team will participate in the 2011 NAB Show in a session titled "Sons Of Anarchy: Grit and Texture in Small Town America." Sutter, along with the show's director of photography, Paul Maibaum, and production designer, Anthony Medina, will share their creative vision and techniques they use to tell larger than life stories through the lens of an outlaw biker's club and the corrupt town they inhabit.

Starring Charlie Hunnam, Ron Perlman and recent Golden Globe® Award-winner Katey Sagal, "Sons Of Anarchy" is an adrenalized drama with darkly comedic undertones that explores the desires of a notorious outlaw motorcycle club (MC) to protect their livelihood while ensuring that their simple, sheltered town of Charming, California remains exactly that: charming. The show's stories resonate with authenticity because of careful attention to detail. With a seven-day shooting schedule and a lean production budget, Sutter and his team are required to think not only outside the box, but outside the wallet, as well.


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