Whacksy Taxi for Android - a very popular Racing Game

Whacksy Taxi for Android - a very popular Racing Game - Whacksy Taxi for Android, the popular racing game,Have you ever seen the movie Taxi from France, where the taxi driver is a driver who is very good at driving and is supported by Taxi which can run very fast and equipped with sophisticated equipment?. Now you can feel a Taxi driver who advanced earlier with Taxi Whacksy games for Android.

Whacksy Taxi for Android is very popular around the world. Game No. 1 in 41 countries including USA, Japan and China. Game No. 1, games for families in 40 countries. 5 Applications Android's most popular more than 20 countries.
Whacksy Taxi for Android increase adrenaline

This game will take you to raise the adrenaline with a variety of attractions excited that you will experience during seated in a chair Whacksy Taxi. You can get a modification to improve various performance Whacksy your Taxi.
Taxi Whacksy very thick with the feel of the racing game scene. In many ways you can do, for example, if you get stuck and no way out, then just skip the car in front of you.
Features on Whacksy Taxi for Android

Existing features:
- Nitro, boost speed, wake and enhancing performance bonuses that make Whacksy Taxi you can approach the maximum limits.
- 35 packet level that will allow you to enjoy a variety of experience in Taxi driving Whacksy you.
- Beautiful views of the 7 cities in the USA and Japan.

Enjoy the adventure soon on the taxi seat with Whacksy Taxi.

Download Whacksy Taxi for Android - a very popular Racing Game


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