Prayers To Mark Mother Teresa's Birth Anniv Celebrations

Prayers To Mark Mother Teresa's Bbirth Anniv Celebrations - INDORE: Friday being the 101 birth anniversary of Saint of Gutters Mother Teresa, the Missionaries of Charity Jyoti Dham in Indore, has decided to celebrate the day by holding morning prayers in the presence of inmates. The inmates would be told about the Saint of Gutter, her dedication and commitment to alleviate sufferings of people. The Missionaries of Charity for men is the only institution in the city and the institute for women is in Ujjain.

The 55-bed "Jyoti Dham" is for elders and it has a separate arrangement for 25 orphan kids. "When I joined the Missionaries, I had an opportunity of going to Kolkata and meeting the Mother," recalled Sister Jyotsna. She had a chance to meet the Mother during her first visit to Kolkata in 1969. The association with the Mother has inspired her to follow Mother's ideals.

She said during that period (1969), the Mother was not as popular as she is today, but her ideals were inspiring. "She dedicated her life to the cause of the poor and we resolved to carry out her task with much more conviction and the spirit of service," she added.

Sister Gabriella joined the Missionaries of Charity 1965 in Amravati in Maharashtra. She is in Indore for the past one year only. "I had the opportunity to meet the Mother during my stint in Amravati," said Sister Gabriella. She taught us to serve people with more conviction. Citing an example, she recalled that sisters then were a bit reluctant to handle a paralytic, but it was only after the Mother's approach on how to treat serious patients, we learnt it. Last year, she said, "Jyoti Dham" had celebrated 100th birth anniversary of the Mother in a big way. This year, we are celebrating in a simple way.

"We will have some games, entertainment programmes and distribution of fruits and sweets in our institute," said Sister Jyotsna.


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