New On DVD: "Prom," "Madea" And A "Top Gun" Very Special

LOS ANGELES - 25 years ago, when Tom Cruise "felt the need to accelerate," and now a DVD to commemorate the anniversary of "Top Gun".

Several other films will come too hard.

Celebrate a rite of passage into adolescence "ball." The Disney Flick Dance highlights several stories intersect, as "Friday Night Lights" cast member Aimee Teagarden. Find clothing, but found the right man for the seminal night? "Prom" is rated PG.

Get ready for a difficult love, "the great family of Madea." This is Tyler Perry, Loretta Devine Creation of research with important news. The problem is that his children have grown too busy with their own drama to hear it. Enter Madea to hit some heads together in the name of the family bond. "Made big happy family" is rated PG-13.

This image is a vault that Tom Cruise at the top of the Hollywood hot list: "Top Gun". This edition 25 th anniversary of the characteristics of speed as a fighter pilot called "Maverick" sent to compete with the best pilots in the Navy. It also deals with some smooth moves in a civilian instructor, but more aggressive can lead to disaster in both the field and in the air. And ladies, who can forget the game of volleyball played in hot Val Kilmer. "Top Gun" is rated PG.

Family disputes become a gang war in the "Sons of Anarchy:. Third Season" The FX series won a Golden Globe for actress Katey Sagal. She is the matriarch of a California biker gang led by her husband, who is not face to face with Sagal's son, who happens to be the next commander. This set includes 13 episodes from season three.

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