Kecak Dance -Traditional Dances of Bali

Kecak Dance -Ttraditional Dances of BaliKecak dance which is often called "The Monkey Dance" for the tourists in the form of dance drama is a relatively new but has become a very popular show / famous and has become a must watch show for both domestic and foreign tourists. Kecak dance scenes have been promoted in some poscard, tourist guide and others.

Kecak is the name is a name that is directly taken after the sound "cak, cak" which are pronounced continuously throughout the show. There are some who explains that the word or sound "cak" actually has a meaning that is very important and significant in the show.

Kecak dance origins

Not known exactly where Kecak dance originated and where it was first developed, but there is a kind of consensus on the Balinese Kecak was first developed into an art pertujukan in Bona, Ganyar, as additional knowledge kecak was originally a song or music that is produced from the blend of voices that form a melody that is usually used to accompany dances Sahyang sacred. And can only be performed inside the temple. Kemudaian astist in the early 1930s from the village of Bona, Gianyar trying to develop a Kecak dance by taking the story of Ramayana Dance Trance didramatarikan instead so that it could eventually dipertontontan dance in public as a performance art. Parts of the Ramayana story is taken when the first is where the Goddess Sita was abducted by King Ravana.

The development the Kecak Dance In Bali

Kecak Dance in Bali has continued to experience changes and developments since the 1970's. Developments can be seen is in terms of story and staging. In terms of staging the story for not only sticking to one part of the Ramayana, but also the other parts of the story of Ramayana.

Then in terms of staging also began experiencing growth not only found in one place like the village of Bona, Gianyar but also the other villages in Bali Kecak dance that began to develop around the Kecak Bali there are dozens of groups whose members are usually members of the banjo. Activities such activities Kecak dance festivals are also often held in Bali either by government or by the school of art in Bali. As well as most of the dancers ever staged in Kecak dance was recorded in 1979 which involved 500 people dancing. At that staged kecak by taking the story from the Mahabharata. But this record was broken by the Government of Tabanan regency which by 5000 held a colossal Kecak dancer on 29 September 2006, at Tanah Lot, Tabanan, Bali.

Kecak Dance Pattern

As a Kecak dance performance is supported by some factor that is very important, more is more in the show presents Kecak dance as an introduction to the story, of course, music is vital to accompany lenggak swing dancers. But in the Kecak music produced from the fusion sound cak members, amounting to about 50-70 people all of them will make music akapela, a leader who will act as an early tone about providing a longer acting as a suppressor tone assigned to provide high or low pressure an act as a solo miners, and alone again will act as a ki mastermind who delivered the storyline. Kecak dance dancer in the movement did not properly follow the standard grip of dance accompanied by gamelan. So in this Kecak dance gestures of the dancer is more relaxed because the main priority is the storyline and voice synthesis.


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LaNo HTC said...

Semoga Tari Kecak Made In Indonesia Ini..Kita dapat memliharanya untuk cucu dan anak bangsad kita untuk di masa yang akan datang...jangan sampai hilang diambil negara lain ( AMIN )

August 28, 2011 at 12:49 AM
Raindra said...

hadeuh akang orang bali yah :D jadi kepengen nih kebali "Budayakan Tradisi Sendiri jangan di rebut ama orang luar :D"

August 29, 2011 at 12:16 AM
Blogging said...

@Raindra : iya saya orang bali. Mari budayakann Tradisi Indonesia demi Anak Cucu

August 29, 2011 at 10:29 AM

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